Our Commitment to Your Safety

Hello Everyone,

In these unprecedented times, it's easy and okay to worry about the state of the world and of our health and our family's. We know it can get nerve-wrecking and scary, especially with all the misinformation out there. While most of us can create a clean environment at home, it can be hard to trust that dangers won't exist outside our doors, and that others are practicing the same safety measures we are.

We want to thank you for continuing to trust us with your health and business. We are committed to making sure our products are sourced, stored, and packaged with the utmost care for your safety. While we can't control the multiple hand offs after we drop off your packages at the mail carriers, we want you to know that we are actively practicing safety handling while we process your orders, per the CDC guidelines.

All non water-soluble products are disinfected with chemical disinfectant sprays and/or wipes, then carefully dried, and cleansed with sage smoke, which not only cleanses the energy of your products, it also acts like an anti-viral and anti-bacterial smoke due to sage's properties. For products that are water soluble, we cleanse them with sage smoke. Then all products are handled with clean and disinfected hands and shipped in protective packaging that has also been cleansed and disinfected.

After you receive your products, we suggest waiting for at least 3 hours before bringing your package indoors, as the COVID-19 virus can linger on cardboard for extended periods of times. Please wash your hands before and after handling your boxes and unpacking your products.

The world is changing in permanent and massive ways, but we will be okay. Stay safe out there!

Sincerely, Saint Reverence Collective