Monthly Magick Music: Meditation for May

by Saint Reverence

For me, and I'm sure for many others out there, 2019 felt like a year of building up towards a grand payoff in 2020. Now, it seems that 2020 had other plans in store for everyone. With the world on hold and record numbers of people losing their jobs or even their lives, it is easy to get overwhelmed with anxiety and uncertainty about the future - not just for ourselves, but for society at large. 

While I am fortunate enough to have a day job that has allowed me to transition into working from home, I know that millions of people are not so lucky. It's easy to fall into the trap of feeling lazy, unproductive, or even worthless because you may not be doing "enough" with your time in quarantine. Firstly, let me say that whether you're writing the next great novel, or simply binge-watching your favorite TV series, the way you spend your time is never wrong or lazy or invalid. Everyone is dealing with the crisis differently, and however you choose to do so is valid. 

Secondly, we all need an escape from reality from time to time. One of my favorite ways to get away from life for a while is to listen to music, but another way I love to do this is by meditating. This month's playlist is designed to combine those two and give you a soundtrack to your transcendental experience.

I've been toying with the idea of curating periodic playlists for quite some time, but I figured that right now is the best time to start, and what better way to kick things off than with a topical - yet evergreen - selection of music for transcendental mediation.

Light some incense, grab some crystals, hit play, and get ready to let your mind wander the annals of time and space. Relax your body and mind and ease into the frequencies presented here, align yourself with the vibrations, and let them carry you to spiritual freedom.