The Minor Arcana: Wands Upright

by Saint Reverence

Identity - Inspiration and Creativity
Astrological Family - Aries, Sagittarius, Leo
Placements: 1-30 degrees
Planets - Sun, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury
Element - Fire
Energy - 90% Masculine (Action), 10% Feminine (Reception)
Physical Appearance - lighter skin and hair

Developed with The Hermetic Tarot, The Wild Unknown Tarot, Tarot of the Mystic Spiral, and The Complete Book of Numerology

The Wands cards deal heavily with situations that exist primarily in our minds. Representative of inspiration and creativity, they relate to what sets our souls on fire. The rush of strength, the jitters, the exhilaration of being aligned with your true purpose. Wands can help us identify what our soul's purpose is, by highlighting topics that we truly love and feel strongly about. Our ambitions, dreams, and goals can be described in a reading, should you ask what your purpose is, career moves, etc. They can also signal a life change through a shift/transformation in energy - births, deaths, career change, etc.

The Suit:

Ace of Wands - BIRTH ENERGY. FERTILITY. All is One. Literal manifestation energy abounds at this time. This can signal the birth of something you've been working on manifesting for a long time, or something you've desired and given up on is returning to your for rebirth. It can also signal a very literal pregnancy. Use the combination of this card with others in the deck to see what this directly applies to. Make wise decisions, don't spend the energy on things that are beneath you.

Two of Wands - DETERMINATION. You've made a decision and direction, now how are you going to support yourself and talk to yourself while you carry out your mission? Pay attention to your inner thoughts and coach. Make sure you're supporting yourself, not beating yourself up. Mars in Aries, 1-10 degrees

Three of Wands - Realization and Expansion. It's time to rely on yourself for guidance. Until now, you've been able to find support in friends and family to stabilize yourself. It's time for you to expand on your consciousness and future with your unique ideas and vision. Sun in Aries, 10-20 degrees

Four of Wands - Success and Completion. A goal has been achieved, now is the time for celebrating and enjoying the fruits of your labor. Whether a graduation, promotion, engagement, marriage, or a different kind of celebration, it is coming soon. The size of the celebration doesn't matter, all that matters is that you remember to celebrate your efforts. Venus in Aries, 20-30 degrees

Five of Wands - Confusion, muddiness, lost. Strife and confusion in relation to your dreams and goals. It seems like your energy is both high yet missing, waning and scattered. This card serves to remind you that you need to snap out of it and not get too far gone in the cloudiness. Saturn in Leo, 1-10 degrees

Six of Wands - VICTORY. Success among the relentless strife has been achieved. You were able to see it through the storm and now the riches are arriving. What will you do now that you have succeeded and grown stronger? Jupiter in Leo, 10-20 degrees

Seven of Wands - COURAGE. Albus Dumbledore says this best: "Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light. " It takes a lot of courage to keep going through the darkness, find it and you'll make it. The fire inside of you won't lead you astray. Mars in Leo, 20-30 degrees

Eight of Wands - SWIFT MOVEMENT/CHANGE. Quite literally, this card means that change is coming at unprecedented speed. You'll either find yourself needing to move soon, whether it be homes, job position, employers, or rearranging your entire space to accommodate the change. The change will strike as clarity, change or news towards an unresolved situation. (Ala Mercury in Retrograde energy) Mercury in Sagittarius, 1-10 degrees

Nine of Wands - STRENGTH AND STAMINA. Mighty oaks of tiny acorns grow, through courage, perseverance and stamina. The completion of this cycle/goal/journey is near, and it may be tempting to slow down now, but continuing to push through will win the victory. You don't near the final of a long race and then sit down, you have to push through to cross the finish line. Moon in Sagittarius, 10-20 degrees

Ten of Wands - BURDENS. This card hits in one of two ways, it reflects physical or mental burdens. If it randomly arrives, it means its best to walk away from a situation or person that no longer serve you well. If it constantly gets pulled, it means you're addicted to negativity and choose to do things more difficultly than needed. Saturn in Sagittarius, 20-30 degrees

The Court:

The Court cards can symbolize either the energy, the current stage of your development, another person or a situation. They will answer based on what you ask them. If you ask them to describe someone, they will. If you ask them to describe a situation, they will. I like to think of Court cards as personal development stages within each suit, and will use them when I want to know where I am in my mastery of each, in search of true happiness and fulfillment. Energies can be masculine and/or feminine and will reflect based on the card that shows. Again, the court will answer based on what you're looking for specifically.

Court to come in a later lesson.