The Minor Arcana: Swords Upright

by Saint Reverence

Identity - Action & Intellect
Astrological Family - Aquarius, Gemini, Libra
Placements: 1-30 degrees
Planets - Mercury, Venus, Uranus
Element - Air Energy - 90%
Feminine (Reception), 10% Masculine (Action)
Physical Appearance - Warmer skin, dark hair, dark eyes

Developed with The Hermetic Tarot, The Wild Unknown Tarot, and The Complete Book of Numerology

Pink Clouds

The Swords court deals with the mind and action. The keys to manifestation energy lie within the swords cards. They'll reveal where we are stressed or lack courage and confidence. A reading that reveals multiple swords deals heavily with what weighs us down in our minds, the nearsightedness we need to see past. Use them as tools to see how you can harness your manifestation magic and mental health and power. Always remember, magic, divination, astrology, and spiritual messages are all nudges to help you decide, enough is enough.

The Suit:

Ace of Swords - "I can see clearly now, the rain is gone." POWER. How are you going to harness this? MIND OVER MATTER. The power is inside of you, and you know it is. Don't let yourself be fooled by your fear or ego. Harness your strength. GO GET YOURS.

Two of Swords - BLOCKED. STALEMATE. BLINDED. You're afraid of making a decision, because you're scared to make a mistake. If you don't choose now, you're going to run into the wall full speed, and you're not making it out alive. The Universe, your life, everything is shaped by your decisions. What's meant to come WILL ALWAYS COME, so if you chose left and you were meant to choose right, The Universe will set you back on the path to get what was on the right. Get it? STOP FEARING MAKING A MISTAKE. STOP FEARING.
Moon in Libra, 1-10 degrees

Three of Swords - BETRAYAL. Your ego has blinded you beyond recovery. Your desire to drown yourself in addictions, selfishness, and greedy habits that harm you is overwhelming. You've betrayed the person you should love most, you. You've been betrayed by the twisted games ego and fear play on humans. Two swords distracted you and the third sliced straight through your heart.
Saturn in Libra, 10-20 degrees

Four of Swords - Ever notice how, when earthquakes are about to strike, fish float perfectly still waiting for the ripples of aftershocks? They don't fret, nor try to swim away from it. They know in their coding that their stillness will help them survive this struggle. Are you too paralyzed to move? Master your stillness, shit gets hard sometimes, and for quite some time. If we're gonna be here for a long time, let's at least make it through with inner peace among outer chaos. MEDITATE.
Jupiter in Libra, 20-30 degrees

Five of Swords - Self destruction. Lies. Defeat. "Your prideful ego will be the death of you." Do not be the next statistic; stress kills more people than media leads us to believe. You're being tempted to fall into a trap that will test your ability to rise above and not play along. You know you shouldn't argue over this because the other person(s) are baiting you, so don't do it. You've been forewarned.
Venus in Aquarius, 1-10 degrees

Six of Swords - Success after struggle. It's been a long time coming, but peace and a chance to breathe and celebrate are finally arriving. Go stretch and relax your body and mind from the tension and stress they've been under during these hard times. Wash your ass and behind your ears too, stinky. You deserve it. Mercury in Aquarius, 10-20 degrees

Seven of Swords - Don't go chasing waterfalls. Materialism is a fleeting drag of excitement and happiness. This doesn't mean it's bad to buy yourself that thing you've been eyeing for months. Just don't get carried away and start basing your worth on what you can buy. And while we're at it, why you hiding so many secrets? This goes for anyone around you that may be hiding things from you, too. Why do they feel the need to hide secrets? Is it because they'll hurt you, or because you're too toxic to let people express themselves?
Moon in Aquarius, 20-30 degrees

Eight of Swords - EGO and ANXIETY are a toxic cocktail, aren't they? Who's really telling you that you're stuck and trapped, your soul or your fear? You can't stay in this web you've made for yourself any longer. You're not trapped, you're just too domineering. Release the need for the tiny details and step back to the bigger picture, there's so much more than just being left on read.
Jupiter in Gemini, 1-10 degrees

Nine of Swords - Depression, darkness, anguish. Where do you go, when you go quiet? When the noise in your mind becomes too loud, even though you're the only one that can hear it? Why do you think you are unworthy of being loved? Seek loved ones for comfort, they'll help guide you through the storms. *Inevitable loss - miscarriage*
Mars in Gemini, 10-20 degrees

Ten of Swords - Resignation, rock bottom, ruin. You've made a fine deathbed for yourself, haven't you? If that statement bothers you, you know you played victim for too long. How many times did you allow your darkness to disrespect the incredible person you're meant to be? How many times did you let your boundaries be crossed by others, by greed, by fear? How many times are you going to play that damn, old, broken record again?
Sun in Gemini, 20-30 degrees

The Court:

The Court cards can symbolize either the energy, the current stage of your development, another person or a situation. They will answer based on what you ask them. If you ask them to describe someone, they will. If you ask them to describe a situation, they will. I like to think of Court cards as personal development stages within each suit, and will use them when I want to know where I am in my mastery of each, in search of true happiness and fulfillment. Energies can be masculine and/or feminine and will reflect based on the card that shows. Again, the court will answer based on what you're looking for specifically.

As we develop our abilities, we will later publish a lesson on the Court for each suit.