The Minor Arcana: Pentacles Upright

by Saint Reverence

Identity - Matter and Material Possessions
Astrological Family - Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn
Placements: 1-30 degrees
Planets - Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Uranus
Element - Earth
Energy - 40% Masculine (Action) , 60% Feminine (Reception)
Physical Appearance - darker skin and eyes

Deep Brown Top Soil

The Pentacles cards deal heavily with physical matter, materialism, and possessions. Representative of money, career, home, greed and generosity, they shine insight on issues pertaining to our relationship and perception, and status towards these. A reading that pulls several pentacles means our focus is primarily on materialism and wealth.

The Suit:

Ace of Pentacles - PROSPEROUS BEGINNINGS. The time and energy are right to begin a new venture towards a prosperous future. Stay grounded and steady while you pursue your expression and manifestations of success. Wealth is finding its way to you.

Two of Pentacles - BALANCE AMONGST CHANGE. What's above is confronting what's below. Remember, Spirit knows what's best for you better than you do. So even if the changes happening scare you, they're for the best. Jupiter in Capricorn, 1-10 degrees

Three of Pentacles - TEAMWORK. DETERMINATION. FOCUS. Expansion of ingenuity, we can't do it all alone. Focus your energy, ask for the support from others, and conquer your mountains. Action through teamwork. Mars in Capricorn, 10-20 degrees

Four of Pentacles - EARTHLY POWER. CONTROL. Material successes and gains abound, but underneath, there's a test. The Universe is checking to see if you can actually handle and cope having the success you've striven for. Don't become too fearful, possessive, or controlling over your riches, or they'll be replaced with misery and dissatisfaction. Are you too afraid to be content? Sun in Capricorn, 20-30 degrees

Five of Pentacles - SADNESS. WORRY. ILLNESS. Material trouble and deterioration approach. Material issues (money, work, illness, loss) are seeping in. Be careful to not get lost in your emotional turmoil concerning them, note Mercury's energy in this card. While many don't think of it as material, health itself, is material to us. It can take a turn for the worse at a moment's glance. Mercury in Taurus, 1-10 degrees

Six of Pentacles - GENEROSITY. PROSPERITY. Accept the generosity being bestowed onto you from others and return the favors, so long as it doesn't conflict with your boundaries. Resources are coming to you from left and right, don't get greedy and stuck in an odd relationship. (Unless you don't mind having a sugar daddy/mommy). Moon in Taurus, 10-20 degrees

Seven of Pentacles - UNCERTAINTY. Saturn has a bad reputation that isn't well deserved. Saturn's energy is a challenge to our egos. The Universe wants to test that you are truly capable of being grateful for your successes. How narrow-minded have you been about what success is to you? Take a step back and really look around you, you'll find riches there that you hadn't thought of as riches. Saturn in Taurus, 20-30 degrees

Eight of Pentacles - CRAFTSMANSHIP. SKILL. PRUDENCE. Skill, intricacy, and confidence are the makings of a good craftsman and you're nearing the mastery of your craft. Pay attention to the details that support the craft as a whole, but don't sacrifice the grander picture over a dot that looks smeared. If you haven't picked a new project up, this card serves to suggest that you do find something you truly enjoy and become a master at it. Sun in Virgo, 1-10 degrees

Nine of Pentacles - MASTERY OF MATERIAL GAIN. An accidental success story is 1 in a million, but definitely a possible one. A person that has this card pulls shows an individual that has gone to bat with the Devil and succeeded in their mission to manifest the life and dreams they envisioned. If this card reveals itself to you, know that anything can be manifested, but it will demand your effort and due diligence. The resources are coming, so stay alert and grateful for everyone and everything that was with you when you had nothing. Venus in Virgo, 10-20 degrees

Ten of Pentacles - MASTERY OF WEALTH. Completion of wealth gain. It's now time to return the favor to others. A wise person doesn't hoard their successes, instead, they share them with others and empower others to manifest their own successes. Mercury in Virgo, 20-30 degrees

The Court:

The Court cards can symbolize either the energy, the current stage of your development, another person or a situation. They will answer based on what you ask them. If you ask them to describe someone, they will. If you ask them to describe a situation, they will. I like to think of Court cards as personal development stages within each suit, and will use them when I want to know where I am in my mastery of each, in search of true happiness and fulfillment. Energies can be masculine and/or feminine and will reflect based on the card that shows. Again, the court will answer based on what you're looking for specifically.