The Minor Arcana: Cups Upright

by Saint Reverence

Identity - Emotion
Astrological Family - Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer
Placements: 1-30 degrees
Planets - The Moon, Pluto, Neptune
Element - Water
Energy - 75% Feminine (Reception) , 25% Masculine (Action)
Physical Appearance - Lighter skin and hair

Developed with The Hermetic Tarot, The Wild Unknown Tarot, and The Complete Book of Numerology

Cups represent emotions and the quality of our relationships with ourselves and with others. Key note about relationships, there are many types of relationships. When these cards appear in your pulls, they don't necessarily refer to a romantic relationship. Observe what the relationships and connections in your life are that they can be referring to, by comparing to what you are asking about, and the other cards that appear along with them. These cards indicate changes or energy affecting our current relationships/connections/"situationships," meaning that changes can upgrade what you currently have, if Spirit feels its meant worth saving, or removing it completely for a new one to take its place.

Black birds in flight against gray clouds

The Suit:

Ace of Cups - New Beginnings - new relationships/connections are approaching you, including the renewal of relationships that warrant saving. Could also signal a new relationship forming with yourself, seeing yourself in a new light, loving yourself. 0 degree, beginning.

2 of Cups - Love, Harmony, Partnership - signals a new/upgraded romantic relationship. Could also signal a new friendship, especially one that will be more passionate than others. Venus in Cancer, 1-10 degrees.

3 of Cups - Friendship - New/upgraded friendship with individuals that touch your soul, love that surpasses a short friendship. Ideal energy to interact with past-life friends/lovers that were meant to meet with you again in this life to relive your friendship. Mercury in Cancer, 10-20 degrees.

4 of Cups - Emotional insecurity, chronic unhappiness, materialism - You seemingly have it all, but you don't feel satisfied with your life. Stop the greed, stop the feeling of lack and focus on what you have. Appreciate your blessings, sweetie, even if you busted your ass off to get them. You could always NOT have them. P.S. You ARE enough to have what you have, show yourself that by enjoying what you've got and who you've got. Moon in Cancer, 20-30 degrees.

5 of Cups - Disappointment, endings, grief - Relationships/connections are drying up and ending. It can be toxic to attempt to hold onto something that must end at this time, if it's meant to return, it will return. The important thing to focus on is your perception of the relationship, your expectations of others, the role you played on the ending of the relationship. Are you too hard on others, or are you too hard on yourself? Can you truly be satisfied, ever?

Mars in Scorpio, 1-10 degrees.

6 of Cups - Innocence, childhood, nostalgia. Do you remember how carefree and happy you were as a child? Let the wonder and emotions of an innocent mind come back to you. You'll find that your inner child is still very wise. Friends from the past may pop up again, feel free to say hello. Ball is in your court.

Sun in Scorpio, 10-20 degrees.

7 of Cups - Deception in love and friendship. Failed success - Temptation can lead you to a downfall. Fight the desire to cut corners, cheat on others/work/yourself. Your lies can lead you to lose everything you fight to keep. Step back from your tunnel vision, and see things for what they are. Don't engage again until you are clear and honest again.

Venus in Scorpio, 20-30 degrees.

8 of Cups - Instability via Stagnation, Lack of honesty with self- It's time to let the relationship/connection/situationship go. You know that you're no longer satisfied by it, or probably never were. In my mother's word, "el muerto a los tres dias, apesta," aka what's dead starts to rot and smell within three days. Don't cloud yourself any longer, even if it's painful to let it go, you have to let it go before it becomes physically dangerous for you to hold onto (abuse, addictions, fear of the unknown, depression, anxiety).

Saturn in Pisces, 1-10 degrees.

9 of Cups - Material Happiness, Harmony, Peace - "The cupeth is fulleth" aka you finally see love as abundance in all its forms. LOVE exudes from within you, others to you, the things you feel and think. Self happiness and fulfillment. Jupiter in Pisces, 10-20 degrees

10 of Cups - Manifestation/Higher Vibration energy - positivity and manifestation surrounds your life. Don't doubt your power. You're emotionally aligned to manifest your wildest dreams and soon, everyone in your life will also match your vibrations.

Mars in Pisces, 20-30 degrees

The Court:

The Court cards can symbolize either the energy, the current stage of your development, another person or a situation. They will answer based on what you ask them. If you ask them to describe someone, they will. If you ask them to describe a situation, they will. I like to think of Court cards as personal development stages within each suit, and will use them when I want to know where I am in my mastery of each, in search of true happiness and fulfillment. Energies can be masculine and/or feminine and will reflect based on the card that shows. Again, the court will answer based on what you're looking for specifically.