The Duality of Energy: Masculine "vs" Feminine

by Saint Reverence

Duality of Energies: Feminine & Masculine

In reference to the description of the signs, planets, and tarot cards, I've defined energies as either masculine or feminine. I promised to explain how that differs from our sociological stereotype of masculinity and femininity.


In nature, there is a duality in everything. Just like there is light, there is dark. As within, so without. Inside or out, etc. It's the same nature that creates a duality in energies: masculine and feminine. This duality in energy is not the same as our overgeneralized definitions of masculinity or femininity, however, but it can be argued that our understanding of the energies is why we create stereotypical expectations of each gender. (This isn't to be confused with sex, which is biologically based, in comparison to gender, which is culturally defined.)

In nature, masculine energy is defined best as active. It has a end goal and it will stay on its sense of direction until it reaches that end goal. It's direct, firm, and stubborn. When it's healthy and balanced, it can see the pot o' gold at the end of the rainbow and it knows that if it travels in that direction, it's gonna strike the jackpot. Masculine energy defines your self-worth and how you view yourself. It has two polarities, again, the duality, strength:weakness. A healthy and balanced masculine energy is strong and confident, an overworked masculine energy is controlling via violence and physical intimidation, and an under-worked masculine energy is weakness (defeatist thought).

Feminine energy, in contrast, is defined best as reactive. It can bend, turn, swirl, curve, as it observes, learns, and experiments. It fills in the details, it partners with others, and knows how to exist on its own without interfering with others. It expects, instead of acts, in other words, it's the energy we tell you to access when we say, The Universe will deliver, allow yourself to receive. Feminine energy defines your "other esteem," aka the value you place in others. Its polarities are goodness:wickedness. A healthy feminine energy finds strength in compassion, nurture, and creativity. It knows when to assist and how to assist - nurture. It learns your languages, so that it can deliver knowledge and guidance in ways that you will understand. An overworked feminine energy is dangerous and greedy, and an under-worked feminine energy fears and never reaches completion and satisfaction.

two hands, one over the other form a yin yang between water and fire

They are the yin to each other's yang. We all have this duality of energies within us, and no - the one we express most does not define our gender. Masculine energy decides that this is the goal it wants, and feminine energy fills in the details. Imagine a drawing being created by the masculine, the feminine will decide how to color it in. The masculine says we need to get from here to there and visualizes a straight line, while the feminine responds in curves and swirls to the environmental changes while you make it to your destination. Thus, the masculine energy is understood as the actor and action. It's the fire under your ass when it's time to have courage. The feminine is the one that nurtures you when you're hurt, or afraid of not achieving your goals.


We do not benefit from turning our back on either one of them, because they work together and are meant to co-create together. Instead, what should be done when we observe how our energy is balanced - you can determine this through a natal birth chart and planetary distribution, your childhood and upbringing, your love language, personality tests, etc, - is to see how we can balance them out evenly. A stronger masculine to feminine - Anger over fear. You OVER everyone else. Self-importance. If you consistently behave and treat yourself and others through this energy, The Universe will humble you by removing your sexual satisfaction, embarrassing you, pulling the rug from beneath your feet. A stronger feminine to masculine - Fear over anger. Them OVER you. Unimportant and undervalued. If you consistently behave and treat yourself and others through this energy, The Universe will humble you by placing you in situations that feel outside of your control, facing dangers and fears until you find the courage and self-worth you were born with.

Astrology & Beyond:

This is how the energy distributes itself through the planets, Sun and Moon included, and zodiac.

Planets: Masculine: Mars, Saturn, Pluto

Feminine: Venus, Moon, Neptune, Uranus Neutral (depending on which house/sign they fall in they will take their characteristics): Mercury, Chiron,

Contested: The Sun and Jupiter are both contested to be neutral, but primarily masculine. I have to agree that this is my feeling towards both as well, especially The Sun.

Zodiac: Masculine: (Activity and Spirituality, Yang) Aries, Sagittarius, Leo, Aquarius, Libra, Gemini Feminine: (Sensitivity and Emotional Depth, Yin) Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces Tarot: Masculine: The Wands, The Swords, Prince/Son/Knight, King

Feminine: The Cups, The Pentacles, Princess/Daughter/Page, Queen

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