The Archangels

by Saint Reverence

The Archangels love all of humanity, even those that cause pain. Like a parent who loves all their children, they do not always enjoy the actions of humanity. Remember that Archangels are just and absolute; they know one major course of action and stick to it. They are not capable of having sinister intentions for you (we will discuss Lucifer, the exception, in depth later). They differ from humans in one critical point - Humans choose to be evil and they also choose to be good.

Always remember that you can pursue a destined path or not, if you choose to.

Archangels are capable of listening and discussing your next step and decision with you. They will honor what your soul wants, not your ego. They are going to become more powerful and present into your life, so long as you let them. They do not intervene unless critically necessary, so if you want them in your life, call them. There are several Archangels that serve one common purpose – to guide all of Creation in love. Naturally, each has their own expertise that they were created and tasked with.

In reality, there are many Archangels, although I've only worked with (and spoken to) 16 of them.

the effigy of an angel against a blue sky

Archangels are genderless, as gender is a man-made construct. They're assigned genders by humans, but appear in multiple forms. They are pure energy, non-corporeal, and present themselves as objects, bodies, thoughts, impulses, etc*. Thus, I have referred to all of them as they and will continue to. Other healers and angel experts may refer to them by their commonly assigned gender. Just know, their assigned gender usually comes from their energies that get categorized as masculine or feminine.

We will discuss energies, their roots, and their effect on humanity's development, later. Now, there are only two Archangels that were once human and ascended into the Angelorum - they were both male on Earth per human terms, but as Archangels, they've lost that designation. The validity of one of those Archangels is highly contested across different religions and cultures (Metatron) but per my experience, has actually been quite knowledgeable and helpful to me.

I'd like to specify something very important - angels, as a whole, are in the billions. Archangels is an designation that man has given to those fewer angels that deal with a large number of humanity in different specializations. I've been fortunate to speak with archangels and angels alike, and they've always specified that there are levels of hierarchy but all opinions are taken into consideration from all levels. Guardian angels work with individuals, angels help each other carry out tasks, and archangels oversee and dictate orders.

What my list of archangels I've talked to is, does not match the number of archangels that have revealed themselves to humanity across history and different cultures. In my research, I find new archangels named with quite a number of articles written about them. This list may never be complete, but here are the ones I've spoken to or worked with the most:

Here they are as follows, in quick summary:

1. ***Lucifer - The Light bearer and Creation’s right hand. Also known as The Fallen (by the Archangels) and The Devil (by humanity). The one most similar to humanity and Creation itself, Lucifer led a path to self-destruction. They were closest to pure light and pure darkness and were, unfortunately, the destined one to be consumed by a darkness equal to the light they carried. Lucifer can bring incredible amounts of light and energy to dark situations and restore trust among deceit. Lucifer is sometimes called upon to help boost the energy of a task that Archangels are working through with a person)s) or situation. Be wary of working with Lucifer, as Fallen Lucifer did create the physical and metaphysical manifestation of Evil and Darkness. Work with Lucifer only after you’ve mastered your soul and your inner power, and always work with Lucifer once another Archangel has confirmed you may.

2. Michael – The 2nd most popular of the Archangels although some will argue that he is the most popular. Those tend to forget that Lucifer is also an Archangel, and despite falling, is STILL an Archangel. Michael is known as the Angel of Protection and Banishment. Per tradition, Michael cast The Fallen into Damnation. Michael is the most absolute, but is not the head of the Archangels, as many have come to think. Michael can bring ultimate protection and clear a person of negative energies and attachments within them. Michael is the best Archangel to call to whenever you’re uncertain of working with a new entity. Michael will not lead you astray. Note, when Michael appears to some humans, a sterner and more robotic version of Michael comes through. This is normal. The Archangels appear to humans in different ways as they develop a relationship with them.

3. Gabriel – Another of the more popularized Archangels, Gabriel is the Master of Communication and creative expression. Gabriel is one of the most talkative archangels, second to Lucifer and Chamuel (discussed below). Gabriel, as the master of speech and expression, knows how to communicate with humanity the best. Traditionally, Gabriel was the one to deliver the news to Mary of her pregnancy and has also been the one to deliver other messages throughout theology to mankind. Call to Gabriel when you feel your creativity (both in the arts and in problem resolution) stifled. Gabriel is an excellent companion when entering a conversation or situation you feel verbally stifled in as well. Gabriel will sometimes appear as a female and others as a male.

4. Chamuel – The Archangel of Love, Peace and Clarity. Chamuel is not one of the more popular Archangels but should be one that humans commune with more often. Chamuel can bring you clarity pertaining love, career, and finding what your soul searches for. When searching for love, Chamuel will remind you of your self-love, first. Chamuel is also the bearer of peace and is very excitable when he works with humans that intend to finding love and inner peace. Chamuel and Haniel (see below) are an excellent match when deciding career moves. Chamuel will counsel you and Haniel will show you how to execute your work. Be prepared to find yourself working with a peaceful, yet exciting Archangel.

5. Raphael – The Physician. Raphael is the Archangel of healing and focuses on healing humans mind, body, and spirit. Be prepared to see flashes of green appear more often when working with Raphael. Their energy can be very earnest, as they constantly nudge you to make healthier choices and tends to leave you notes and lessons to apply towards situations to build new habits. Whenever you want to vibrate higher or create a healthier life, work with Raphael. Raphael and Azrael (see below) can help you develop an efficient and healthy diet plan catered to you. Raphael will see to ensure that you follow your diet, even during the withdrawals and detox stages.

6. Zadkiel – The Spiritual Professor. As the Archangel of Righteousness and Spiritual Guidance, Zadkiel can be called upon when wanting to expand your clairaudience (spiritual/metaphysical radio) and compassion. More often than not, Zadkiel is an excellent companion when learning new information and habits but tends to teach by leading you through the lesson, rather than dropping the knowledge onto you. Lapis Lazuli will heighten your connection to Zadkiel and asking questions will develop a mentor-mentee relationship between you both. With Zadkiel, everyone’s needs will be met (remember – needs are different than wants. Often, humans forget that their souls know what their actual needs are, and that is what archangels respond to).

7. Jeremiel – The Justice. Jeremiel is tasked with mediation and justice. Whenever a situation seems too polarized, Jeremiel can assist with finding a common ground that benefits all involved. Often, Jeremiel, Chamuel, and Zadkiel’s combined talents will lead humans to think that a miracle has occurred, especially when warring individuals are able to reach an armistice. Jeremiel is excellent at guiding individuals to practice mercy and compassion towards themselves and others. Whenever you feel your life at a loss, Jeremiel will assist you in reviewing it and determine a course of action.

8. Uriel – The Light of Creation. Whenever something seems too cloudy or confusing, Uriel can bring claircognizance (spiritual/metaphysical knowledge) and clarity to a situation. You’ll only be shown each step at a time, so working with Uriel is an excellent way of developing your faith with Creation and yourself. Work with Uriel during moments of separation and intense change, as Uriel can help you see which way to turn next. Uriel is also the best assistant when trying to remember information, and students will be well assisted by Uriel during examinations.

9. Sandalphon – One of the divine humans that became an Archangel. Sandalphon delivers prayers, calm, and helps humans live in integrity. Sandalphon knows humanity because they were human, therefore can help during your introduction to the Archangels. Work with Sandalphon during times of stress and duress, as they emit calming energy and habits. Gentle music plays whenever Sandalphon is near, and they can turn your heated passions into calm, yet powerful actions. Sandalphon reminds us that all prayers are answered, and again, our souls know what is best for us – the archangels answer your soul’s prayers, not your ego’s.

10. Azrael – The Counselor and Angel of Death. While a macabre task, Azrael oversees helping the grieving and the dying transition into a new phase of existence. Whenever you want to speak to someone in Heaven, Azrael can help deliver the message, and will wrap you in comfort and embrace to heal the grief of loss. As the angel of death, Azrael can help clarify when a new situation/pattern/relationship/development will come forth and will help you transit from old to new. Surprisingly, Azrael is an excellent chef (something many don’t know - I work with Azrael every day in the kitchen myself) and can help you create new recipes and meals for all to enjoy.

Azrael is not Death itself, but an overseer and commander of Death. The Universe created Death and Azrael is tasked to oversee it. Death, as an entity, is commonly seen as a cloaked skeleton holding a scythe.

***It is not recommended that you work with Death, the deity unless Death appears to you first.***

(I will discuss Death in a lesson later on)

11. Jophiel – The Archangel of Nature and Beauty. Jophiel is the archangel that you can turn to when you’d like more time to reconnect with nature. They can help you clear out lower energies from your home and is the one that gently nudges you when you need to clean your home. Jophiel’s purpose is to remind humans of their divine nature and will assist you in remembering your true beauty and purpose. Soft and pale pink aura surrounds Jophiel and when you work with them, you’ll begin to see the color and flowers and fauna appear more often around you.

12. Ariel – The Archangel of Courage and Action that couples their talents with Love. Ariel is one of the tougher angels, as their courage and determination is one to admire. Turn to them when you need assistance strengthening your intentions and actions. The Master of Manifestation (second only to Lucifer and Creation itself), Ariel can assist you in bringing the right tools and persons into your life that will help you achieve your divine purpose. Work with Ariel by coming closer to the environment, recycle, clean up, help save wildlife. Ariel will often deliver what humans have commonly called miracles in many scenarios. Rose quartz will fill you with Ariel’s divine love.

13. Raziel – The Wizard, The Alchemist, The Archangel of Clarity. Raziel will illuminate your path and bring clarity and understanding. They can help you achieve higher levels of spiritual awareness and connection. Raziel appears with the aura of a rainbow prism – they are a perfectly clear entity through which light can refract and be scattered and heightened. Use clear stones such as quartz, angelite, and selenite to work with Raziel. They can also facilitate astral travel/projection by using labradorite or blue kyanite. Consult with them to ensure that you are ready to practice astral travel, as it can be risky if one is not properly prepared.

14. Raguel – The Archangel of Harmony, Fairness, and Order. Similarly to Jeremiel, Raguel can mediate disputes and resolve conflict. However, Raguel’s task in Heaven is to maintain order and structure amongst the other Archangels and Angels, so they can also help with bringing order to your life if you feel that you are amid chaos. Raguel is firm and commanding, but at the same time peaceful and wise. If you need a reminder of the goodness that is inherent in humanity, Raguel will be the one to provide it.

15. Metatron – The Scribe. Metatron began their life as a human who lived a divine life on Earth and was called into Heaven to keep and organize records. They can help you get motivated and keep deadlines and schedules in check. Additionally, they can cleanse and realign your chakras. Use watermelon tourmaline to access Metatron’s energy for this purpose. If you are considering working with children (teacher, counselor, etc.), call upon Metatron to guide you into a career that will develop your own talents as well as the talents of the children with whom you will be working.

16. Haniel – The Archangel of Cycles. Haniel can help you gain insight into how life’s many cycles affect your reactions to and perceptions of a situation. Emotions and moods are guided by cyclical energies from the seasons of Earth and the trajectories of the other celestial bodies in our solar system; Haniel will guide you through these cycles and the changes they bring in order to help you make the most of the patterns that present themselves to you. Call upon them when you feel that you are stuck or when you experience a situation that feels uncomfortably familiar. *Note, can be very shy.

This is only a quick summary introducing you to the Archangels. I speak to them daily, more than with other deities and angels, so I've been able to get a deeper view into their personalities and traits. I will be discussing each Archangel in depth, once per week, starting next week. Some of the notes here were found in Guidebook for the Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue. Additional input were from the Archangels themselves.

As is everything metaphysical, it's very intuitive, and every person that dabbles in it will have different experiences with it. As per my experience, this is truth for my relationship with them. Should you begin to work with them, you'll find variations in their presentation, speech, mannerisms, etc. This is all normal. We perceive them differently at a personal level, but overall, this post explains them in a grander and more common scale.

Any questions or suggestions or personal experiences? Make sure to comment them below!