Product Review: Haus of Hoodoo's Psychic Vision Candle

by Saint Reverence

a purple 7 day candle in a glass jar a light brown label reads haus of hoodoo psychic vision 

I've been purchasing candles from Haus of Hoodoo for almost two years now and wanted to write some reviews on my experiences with Jessyka Winston's magick. Jessyka is per her training, lineage, and experience, a Vodou Manbo, FreeMason, High Priestess Marial, and several other titles of which she cannot name. She cofounded and runs Haus of Hoodoo out of New Orleans, with her husband, sister, and best friend. Her products were only available on the internet up until this summer, when she opened a brick and mortar flagship store.

Her work is, to say the least, incredible. To get your hands on her fixed candles, you had to be FAST. I've calculated her sell out time in as little as 2 minutes, from the moment she'd restock them live. It was very much a race against time. I developed my art of speed purchasing and intention very well from her restocks - I always got everything I needed. Luckily, you won't find too much trouble purchasing from her online shop now: due to much of her online traffic converting to foot traffic in store. 

Unless she mentions otherwise, restocks are usually on Saturdays at 6 PM CST/7 PM EST/5 PM MST/4 PM PST. She carries an assortment of fixed candles, roots, resins, and smudges. Candles are fixed to order, meaning that they're fixed once you order them, making them charged intentionally for each purchaser. And if you were to stroll over to her site within the week, don't let her in stock inventory fool you. It may not all be sold out, but it used to get wiped within 15 minutes. 

In my time as her customer, I've purchased resins, smudges, and her famous fixed candles. Each one was met with success - again, if you learn to recognize how magick manifests, that is. I recently purchased a Psychic Vision candle from her and people started asking for details about my experience, so I decided to write this post.

From HoH directly - "The Psychic Vision Fixed Candle is meant to stimulate the Third Eye and Crown Chakra in order to receive clearer messages from Spirits. It is a powerful companion for divination work and psychic development. It also makes a great offering for your altar as it will open the channels of communication between you and your spirit guides."

It's blueish - purple, akin to the colors of our 3rd eye chakra and our throat chakra, which handle spiritual vision and communication. The candle itself is unscented, but the oils and dressings that Jessyka applies to them gives it a sweet scent. The candle will burn anywhere between 3-7 days, based on physical factors (like a lot of wind affecting it) and energetic factors (intentions, energy working against you, etc). HoH includes instructions with every candle purchase as to when to light the candle and how to prepare for them. 

I have an Earth heavy chart which, coupled with my life experiences (ego), affect my psychic visions and connections to my ancestors. Earth heavy signs tend to be clairsentient, more than clairvoyant (but more on that later). I struggle with it on days that my body feels very exhausted and chose to light this candle in hopes that it would help create a new level of my psychic vision abilities.

As per any time I light a candle or fix one myself, it's best to start off with a cleansing. I showered, charming the shower water to cleanse me of residual energy attached to my body, before lighting it. While in the shower, I asked myself what my idea of "successful" psychic vision was. Magick works best if you know EXACTLY what you're asking for, after all. I knew that haphazardly asking for "better psychic vision" wasn't going to cut it.

I cleansed the energy of the room I lit it in by burning a sage smudge wand and allowing the smoke to neutralize the energy. Then, I lit a stick of ethically harvested palo santo, to charge the energy with positive intentions. I introduced myself to the candle and told it exactly what I was looking for in terms of psychic vision and enhancement, and then lit it. I chose to light it on a bookshelf that overlooks my bed, because it's out of anyone's reach, but the light could still shine over me while I slept; I tend to have prophetic dreams when I ask for psychic clarity.

While it burned, images came to me that I had never seen before, which can unnerve or scare anyone - remember, this connects us with the deceased. And those fears are the ones I see mentioned in her IG comments whenever she posts about her candle. It's okay to be afraid of the unknown, but this candle didn't bring the deceased to me in a scary way. I was never afraid once, and my body didn't feel fear as visions of skulls came into my sight. As the skulls neared, they came with facial expressions, hair, voices, and emotion. I knew these ancestors, even if I had never seen them before in this lifetime. It was similar to a sense of protection and safety. My ancestors surrounded me with love. Every night that I meditated with it and spoke to the candle directly, I'd be able to hear and see ancestors. I suddenly had no anxiety, no self doubts, no ego telling me cruel things about myself; I knew LOVE and it knew me back. And that's all that it was.

One of my ancestors urged me to take my glasses and place them at the base of the candle while it burned. They didn't need to explain why. I knew it was because they wanted to help me charm my glasses with a little more psychic help even after the candle flame ended. And it worked! Whenever I'd try to wear them afterward, I'd get very severe headaches and nausea. You might get off-put by that, but let me explain. Your physical body is a creature of habit, and just like working out at the gym hurts, changing its abilities is going to be uncomfortable! The charm has worn off my glasses by now, but it's also been almost 4 months since I burned it. You might ask, are you "seeing" more clearly? Yes, I am. While I'm not seeing things like I could see the keyboard I used to type thing, I am understanding things so much better now.

It allowed me to connect to the deities that my ancestors would worship and honor as well. My entire family history is all but eradicated due to poverty and poor record keeping. I had to rely on science and genetic testing to see where my bloodline came from and through imperialism and colonialism, our original practices were wiped out. Whatever pagan practices we had participated in were lost, so I'm technically a 1st generation practitioner. And like I've explained in the past, I come from a family that believes in Jesus Christ and God, and anything outside of that is a punishable offense. 

So imagine how powerful it was to see my earliest ancestors' faces for the first time, and for them to confirm what my bloodline carried. To not feel ostracized and to feel like I was loved. To have them excitingly show me visions and have me hear their old chants, the ability to smell when they'd burn herbs and start bonfires. I was able to confirm that they did practice a variety of pagan worship: Hoodoo, Druidick magick, shamanism, and Vodou (yes, THE Vodou). It provided a lot more insight as to why Marie Laveau has tried to convince me to learn into it more deeply, but I hesitate because I know how private, special and unique Vodou is. It brought with my ancestors, a sense of belonging. 

Now, Crown and 3rd eye talents not meant for physical consumption - just cognizant, meaning you probably won't just see ghosts materialize outta thin air with one session of this candle. However, your comprehension of the spiritual world, its messages and suggestions, will become much easier to understand and trust. I do recommend this candle to anyone who is truly interested and seriously devoted to practicing ancestral worship, or heightening their psychic sight. Its success will be contingent on the work you put into it, too. You have to actively practice overriding the toxic habits that got you fucked up in the first place, and magick will become more and more successful for you.

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