How Magick Manifests: A Blurb

by Saint Reverence

person holding cattle skull surrounded by squash and candles
Magick is an art form in and of itself. It is not a method of existence, or survival, IT IS LIFE itself. There is magick in the conception of birth, there is magick in gravity, there is magick in physics, magick in daylight and nighttime, magick is life. 

This is the main reason why people don't recognize magick as it manifests, seconded only by societal's perception of magick. With the exception of very few and private practices and communities, magick isn't tossing glitter around and holding a wand and light spits out of it. It isn't a page out of Harry Potter. It isn't a page out of Hocus Pocus either (minus the candle magick scenes and raising of the dead). So the question we receive most is, how do we know our magick is working?

Many people will mention "signs" and "signals" to you and those are ways to receive updates on your magick, but we feel that the best way to explain it is to specify the inner workings of manifestation. If you don't understand the whys, you won't be able to fully recognize the hows. In our experience and research, manifestation develops with following: discernment,
accountability/intention, abandonment fears/release, and insecurities/boundaries. 

Discernment is the ability to judge well. It often gets tied into spiritual discernment, which is defined as "perception in the absence of judgment with a view to obtaining spiritual guidance and understanding." In other words, we must learn to judge well for ourselves, prior to the Judeo-Christian "Judgement Day." Religious intensity aside, discernment is the precursor to wisdom, which develops our knowledge. As in, until you do, you won't truly understand it in a way that empowers you. Because we learn through experimentation, it is the same way that magick works to communicate with us.
For example, if you ask for a new lover/partner, magick will test you by showing you all the examples of what you DON'T want first. The reason is does this is A) you're not sure what you want or B) you weren't clear enough when you cast the spell. Like we went over it in our podcast episode, our friend cast a spell asking for a new partner. Immediately after, she started encountering all the wrong guys, and came to me frustrated that her spell didn't work. I reminded her that if she doesn't experience discomforts or lows, she won't know how to recognize her highs. She then went back to her spell, wrote exactly what she didn't like about those guys, which helped her understand what she does value, does want, and does seek in a partner. She focused on only asking for those values and characteristics, and within two weeks, she's now dating the man of her dreams.
So don't be surprised if, when you cast a spell, it seems like things go wrong and everything you didn't ask for is coming to you, because The Universe/Spirit/God/Goddess/etc, is asking you to discern what you want exactly.

Accountability & Intention go hand in hand in the inner workings of manifestation. You need to actively participate in what you intend on getting. We can't ask for a million dollars and expect it to fall from the sky. Birds don't worry about the pain of falling when they to learn how to fly. They simply know they WANT to fly, so they go and pursue it. You must practice accountability, are you actively putting in the work? Are you actively honoring your ancestors and guardians and asking them for favors? 
You gotta put your money where your mouth is. You gotta have integrity in what you do and ask for. You don't have slaves, you have ancestors who are family working for you if you give them respect. You have deities that will work for you, if you worship them back. If you still wonder what the difference between intention is, think of Naomi Campbell vs a basic, boring model. When Naomi walks, she walks with the intention to dominate, when other models walk, they look boring:

                                      In other words, don't let this be you. 
These last four deal with Ego - When you reclaim your power, nothing can defeat you. Ego is the culmination of our life's experiences, a lens through which misinterpretation, pain and anguish attempt to direct our thought processes. While ego itself is not evil, it is born from fear, which also gives birth to evil. It is associated with "darkness" or "darkside" and is mistakenly referred to as something you need to "get rid of." Ego is a tool that we LEARN from - again, we're touching on discernment. It's the part of you where jealousy, anger, fear, unhealthiness, attachments, etc form in and lash out through your actions. It's another form of language through which we learn who we really want to be.

Our egos like to make us believe that they are protecting us and serving our best interests. They literally have a falsified identity, they see themselves as our guardians. They're the scared orphan, the angry parent, the abusive ex, etc. They're a sponge that absorbs EVERYTHING - so they project their fears and discomforts onto us.
Abandonment Fears/Release
A lot you fail to notice as magick manifests because you're afraid of abandonment and/or you're afraid to release the past/what no longer serves you - which can stem from the fear of loneliness. You're physically being distracted from the bright side/silver lining of the manifestation you're creating. Let's discuss this a little further. In order for magick to manifest, it needs us to release whatever is taking up space it's outgrown. Our egos get VERY uncomfortable when we try to grow and cause our physical bodies to panic, which then make us think we are afraid to grow. 

We need to practice understanding that if it's meant for us, there's nothing we should fear. Yes, it can be scary to be alone, but unless you walk through the tunnel, you won't know for sure that you'll be alone on the other side. You just THINK you'll be alone, and that is why you need to identify/differentiate between your wants and your ego. Yes, it can be scary to let go of a painful memory, but you're not invalidating that the event hurt you, you're just telling yourself "I'm ready for the memory of it to stop hurting me." It's incredibly powerful for you to choose to not be a victim of the past anymore, just be forewarned that your ego will cause you to panic and feel uncomfortable once you make that choice. It's normal, reclaim your power from it. When magick begins to manifest, it'll practically smother you if you don't clean house first. You'll see people act different, reveal their true intentions and their feelings towards you. You'll start to act different and think differently, this is normal.

Insecurities/Boundaries - 
Insecurities are born from comparison. Insecurities show us that we don't think we deserve, or feel like we're enough to deserve. They're strengthened by a lack of boundaries, and we often react through a lack of boundaries. This isn't to say we're to blame for creating these insecurities, as the majority of the time, they're forced onto us by others, but we are responsible for how we choose to deal with them. Manifestations will ATTACK your insecurities. They will attack your lower vibrations. You WILL be pushed to grow out of them or succumb to them and lose your manifestation.
Now, why is manifestation testing your boundaries? Because once you receive your new car, you need to put insurance on it right? You need to make sure the walls on your new house are strong, right? Your body developed skin to PROTECT you, so you protect it back right? (by the way, please use sunscreen y'all, even if you use a natural-based sunscreen, not a chemical one). You can't level up on a rotten foundation. Manifestations will push you to grow and solidify your boundaries. Again, you will find your spells and prayers answered through uncomfortable situations. People will turn on you, even those you trusted, because anyone that isn't looking out for your well being benefits from your lack of self love and boundaries.
Thus, if you understand that magick starts manifesting in those ways, we hope you'll better be able to get through each tide. It's not that your magick is failing, is that your level up requires you to level up first.