Archangel Uriel

by Saint Reverence

Archangel Uriel
By James Powell & Sons

Archangel Uriel is sometimes referred to as the Light of God. Their domain is wisdom, intelligence, inspiration, and truth. Uriel is a problem-solver who can grant you a fresh perspective on a situation that may have seemed impossible. They can shine their light in places that the mind's eye cannot normally reach, illuminating new solutions to old problems.

Call upon Uriel when you feel you need divine wisdom or guidance to help you through a rough patch. They are detail-oriented and can help you find the next step if you feel lost; however, you may not be able to realize the bigger picture until it is already within sight. Even if you feel that you are progressing without direction, be assured that Uriel knows the way and will get you there little by little. It is easy to see a mountain in the distance without knowing that there are rivers blocking your path - Uriel will help you cross those rivers.

To work with Uriel, use yellow crystals, particularly amber. If you cannot obtain amber, golden healers are a good alternative. Uriel also works with the Crown chakra, so any crystal the resonates with the Crown is acceptable as well. If you would like to use candles, white or light yellow are preferred, but any light-colored candle will work - the flame is the important part, and it should not be obscured by residue from dark candles. Invoke Uriel through meditation and deep concentration on whatever issue with which you are asking them for help. They can also help provide you with ideas if you are feeling creatively uninspired.