Archangel Raguel

by Saint Reverence

Archangel Raguel

By Steve A. Roberts


Archangel Raguel is The Archangel of Justice and Relationships. They oversee The Archangels and angels, maintaining order and resolving conflict. While stern, because they are assigned to separate the sinners from the kind, their goal is to help every human find their inner peace and happiness. (Key note about "sinning" - Remember, when it comes to our soul's mission, it is to coexist in harmony with other soul's and nature, while honoring and respecting itself and others' differences.) Raguel does not sympathize with those that hurt others or endanger other creation. But they are more than willing to help someone restore their alignment and make amends for their wrong-doings.

As the one who helps judge the fortune of our souls upon our departure, Raguel is an excellent companion when wanting to see more than one perspective on a situation. A master at assisting resolve miscommunications and disagreements, you can turn to Raguel to help you fix a relationship, but only if the other party is meant to remain in your life.


Raguel's aura is a pale-blue and they prefer articles of the same shade. Aquamarine, light blue calcite, and third eye crystals are of Raguel's fancy. To work with Raguel, a kind request will suffice. Envision open dialogue, loving conversations and actions, and Raguel will be able to bring resolutions that will satisfy all. The gavel and scales of justice are also symbols that represent Raguel, if you'd like to have them present during a session with them.

No need for an altar, but if you choose to, as always: glass of water, articles in the same shades as their aura, symbols of happy relationship and partnerships.