Archangel Michael

by Saint Reverence

Archangel Michael

By Luca Giordano


Archangel Michael, the protector, is the 2nd most popular archangel of all time. Michael is the archangel that was tasked with sending Lucifer to Hell, and led the front in the battle against Heaven and Hell.

Archangel Michael is not the leader of the Archangels, contrary to popular belief. However, due to their legacy, they are regarded very highly among the archangels and angels alike, and their opinion and guidance is deemed one of the most valuable. Michael's role over humanity is to protect us of all that is less than love. They can be called down by a simple mention or thought of their name. Michael is capable of clearing us of negative or lower-vibrating thoughts, patterns, energy, situations, and persons in our lives that do not serve us.

When working with Michael, you will feel a sense of protection and warmth surround you and your environment. Use white or yellow candles, a glass of water, and a white bowl to place your wishes into. Whenever stressed, dazed, incapable of clarity or finding the truth, Michael can be called upon to deliver the truth and protection.

One of my preferred ways to contact Michael is to state: "Archangel Michael please banish all that is less than love from my entire being, both within and without." Another strong one, that I've adapted from Audrey @thedivergentspirit11 is: "Archangel Michael, please go through all of my life, my work, my home, the spaces I occupy and travel through, my family, my people, and my career, and clear me of all that is less than love. Protect my entire being."

While archangels do not have genders, Michael is traditionally seen as a male and can have a booming male-like voice when they speak. Michael, in my experience (and shared experiences with others), can be very straightforward so much that their humor is perceived as peculiar. Due to Michael's "stern" behavior, it can be hard to tell when Michael is joking with you. Unless the situation is dire, Michael is more like a gentle giant. Michael's sole purpose is protection and comfort, so don't be alarmed if you feel something/a sense of knowing instantly appear to you when you've asked for their help.