Archangel Metatron

by Saint Reverence

Archangel Metatron


Metatron, sometimes called the Scribe of God, is the archangel of work, schedules / organization, and the written word (which extends to music, movies, video games, and other forms of media as well). They can also align - or "organize" - your chakras if they are out of balance.

Call upon Metatron when you feel that your life lacks balance or structure, and they will assist you with developing a routine and a plan of action to get unstuck from emotional, creative, or spiritual stagnation. Metatron is quite direct and can sometimes be seen as a disciplinarian, but they are also very easy-going and conversational. They will make certain that you stick with your schedule and keep you focused, but they will do so in a friendly manner so that your growth does not feel like a chore. Invoke Metatron if you are feeling a spiritual imbalance, and they will help restore and energize your chakras.

Additionally, Metatron can serve as a muse of sorts. If you are feeling creatively uninspired or blocked, they can provide the energetic boost that is needed to get your ideas flowing. They are especially fond of artists and will always be glad to assist with bringing new art into the world. For teachers, parents, or anyone who enjoys working with children, Metatron can aid you in bringing out the unique talents and gifts in children. Call upon them and they will allow you to more easily communicate with the children in your life in a language that the children will understand and absorb.

Working with Metatron is relatively simple - they do not require any special colors or fragrances to be invoked; however, it is necessary to have a clear Third Eye so that you may receive their messages and inspiration clearly. Any clear crystal or Third-Eye-enhancing crystal will be sufficient. Simply meditate and allow Metatron to impart their wisdom and insight to you.