Archangel Lucifer

by Saint Reverence

Archangel Lucifer

By G.H. Frezza


Lucifer, most infamously known as Satan, was Creation's right hand. According to Abrahamic religions, Lucifer became excessively jealous of humanity and poisoned them in an attempt to show Creation (God) how flawed humans were. Other accounts specify that it was when Creation ordered The Archangels to cater to humanity, that Lucifer was beside them-self. Ultimately, based on conversations I've had with The Archangels and Creation, Lucifer is best described as the dark side of Creation. (As in, where there is light, there must be darkness.)

Lucifer is still an entity/archangel/child of Creation, who slipped out from Raguel's command (The Commander of The Archangels) and set into motion the ACTION of darkness, which is all that is considered evil. In other words, Lucifer is the catalyst of darkness expressing itself in the form of fear and evil. Due to the severity of Lucifer's actions, Creation had Lucifer cast into Hell by Archangel Michael (the tasked protector of Light) to house all those souls too far gone to evil. (Hell is the home of all evil that has been expressed, generated, and acted upon, since the dawn of time. Demons, monsters, lost souls that become demons, all live in Hell.)

I chose to include Lucifer as a lesson because at their root, they are still an Archangel. Lucifer is, arguably, Creation's "twin flame." The mirror image of Creation, the night to its day, darkness to its light, sadness to its joy, etc.

It is very, very possible that Lucifer can still be redeemed for their actions, as they've already been forgiven for them. Creation confirmed that Lucifer has been forgiven. (Christianity, the religion that claims to be the true solution to evil, is not the path to Lucifer's redemption; no organized religion is). Ultimately, the decisions lies with Heaven/Spirit/Upstairs if Lucifer will be reinstated in Heaven. However, what came from Lucifer's actions may never cease to exist, (again, due to the need to have a balance between light and dark). What Spirit (Creation and Archangels) want us to know about Lucifer, is that while darkness is meant to exist, we have the opportunity to acknowledge it, but we don't have to be lost to it. (As in, depression is a genetic disorder that becomes a disease. It is considered by many to be a form of darkness. You aren't lost to damnation because of it existing. Some days it'll win, others it won't. WHAT YOU DO WITH YOUR DARKNESS MARKS YOUR WORTH, not your darkness itself).

Lucifer is still The Lightbearer, a task that was overtaken by another Archangel - Uriel. For those interested in working with Lucifer, I haven't been given any suggestions, even though Lucifer's been forgiven, but not yet redeemed. The wounds are still too exposed and open for the Archangels to suggest working with Lucifer without serious repercussions. Demons and lost souls that escape Hell can easily ravage weak connections to Lucifer. That's why The Archangels implore that you hold off on working with Lucifer. However, there are several spiritual practices and religions in motion that honor Satan, a Fallen version of Lucifer, and Lucifer them-self. Should you choose to on your own accord, know that Lucifer can bring incredible amounts of light and energy to dark situations and help restore trust among deceit. (Personally, I respect that LaVeyan Satanism has a rule (commandment) against rape - that's commendable AF to me).

Again, per my recap of The Archangels:

Lucifer - The Light bearer and Creation’s right hand. Also known as The Fallen (by the Archangels) and The Devil (by humanity). The one most similar to humanity and Creation itself, Lucifer led a path to self-destruction. They were closest to pure light and pure darkness and were, unfortunately, the destined one to be consumed by a darkness equal to the light they carried. Lucifer can bring incredible amounts of light and energy to dark situations and restore trust among deceit. Lucifer is sometimes called upon to help boost the energy of a task that Archangels are working through with a person(s) or situation. Be wary of working with Lucifer, as Fallen Lucifer did create the physical and metaphysical manifestation of Evil and Darkness. Work with Lucifer only after you’ve mastered your soul and your inner power, and always work with Lucifer once another Archangel has confirmed you may.