Archangel Jophiel

by Saint Reverence

Archangel Jophiel

By Balanced Perceptions


Archangel Jophiel is the Archangel of Patience and Beauty. They're normally portrayed as a female, due to their feminine energy of receiving. (Again, we'll discuss female and male energy later on). In times of duress, you can call upon Jophiel to request assistance in developing patience. However, you must be open to understanding how the lessons are being delivered onto you. (You won't blink and suddenly be patient). Jophiel teaches us lessons through time, especially when developing patience. They like to teach us to observe and recognize the beauty in cycles, so you'll probably find yourself visiting nature more often when working with Jophiel.

Have a life that doesn't give you enough time to go outdoors? Jophiel can create that space in your schedule so that you can ground yourself once again. Grounding yourself requires touching something that is directly connected to the Earth - the natural ground, a tree, a flower, an animal, the ocean, etc. So you will find yourself wanting to venture outdoors more than usual.


Struggling with your idea of your beauty? Jophiel will assist you in finding the things about you that make you beautiful, both within and without. They will take you through subliminal lessons and practices that require more self-care and reflection. Jophiel will also have you rearranging your spaces, to maximize feng-shui energy. Just as they can rearrange your physical environment to maximize the flow of positive energy, they can and will also do the same to you, internally.

Deep rose/pink crystals, flowers, and objects are Jophiel's favorite, as they match their aura. When creating an altar for Jophiel, make sure to have pink objects, live flowers (and make sure you don't let them die and leave them for several days), trinkets that resemble femininity. Also, Jophiel is very soft-spoken, so much that they seem shy. Make sure you leave room within your space so that they can feel comfortable to speak up a little louder.