Archangel Jeremiel

by Saint Reverence

Art by Marius Michael George


Archangel Jeremiel is the Archangel of Mercy. Tasked with the heavy responsibility to review the lives of those recently deceased, Jeremiel's talent for mercy knows no limitations. Whenever you work with Jeremiel, you'll find yourself encountering purples more often, wanting to sit and review your life quietly and reflect more often. Jeremiel guides anyone who asks of them to, to life a more compassionate and merciful life.

Make some time to yourself, in a comfortable and quiet corner to speak to Jeremiel and review your life: where you've been, what you've done, what you've abandoned, what you still want, and where to go. Ask for Jeremiel's assistance when the thoughts in your mind start getting too mean, too bleak, or too dark. Jeremiel can give you insight over what's "gone wrong," "gone right," and what's worth releasing. Forge a strong relationship with Jeremiel, especially when you're trying to unlearn toxic patterns and lessons that your upbringing brought upon you. It's not an easy journey and it requires a lot of self patience and love. Jeremiel will have you treating yourself with more kindness and love.

As with all archangels, there are no special invocations to speak to them or work with them. Simply thinking about them in your head will suffice to bring their attention to you. Keep a journal reflecting your discussions every single day. To establish an altar for Jeremiel, you'll need to do the traditional offerings of fresh water every evening. Review your day with Jeremiel every time you exchange the water, as they like to listen for your developments. Write a summary of your day each night that you work with Jeremiel, if you haven't already made that practice. You'll find that Jeremiel's influence has shown you how to approach things differently and change your perspective towards your life and development. Archangel Jeremiel doesn't ask for flowers, but instead for washes of purple and sparkle. A purple candle, or a white candle dipped in purple and gold glitter will do. Eggplants, red (purple) cabbage, grapes, dark wines, etc will all appease Jeremiel, as offerings.