Archangel Haniel

by Saint Reverence

Art by Anne Yvonne Gilbert


Summary: The Archangel of cycles & balance. Haniel can help you gain insight into how life’s many cycles affect your reactions to and perceptions of a situation. Emotions and moods are guided by cyclical energies from the seasons of Earth and the trajectories of the other celestial bodies in our solar system; Haniel will guide you through these cycles and the changes they bring in order to help you make the most of the patterns that present themselves to you. Call upon them when you feel that you are stuck or when you experience a situation that feels uncomfortably familiar. *Note, can be very shy.

Loosely, "Haniel" translates to "God's Joy." The Archangel of joy-bearing and balance, Haniel can be asked to assist you in finding joy in your current life, as well as arming you with the tools you need to get it back on track. This may entail a very serious, deep conversation with yourself, which is your soul's way of speaking to Archangels. Your conversation will cover anything from sadness, happiness, activities, thoughts, etc. You cannot find happiness without acknowledging all of the elements within you - so be as honest with Haniel, as possible. Haniel will help identify where your time can be better invested for your happiness' sake. However, Haniel will not attempt to sacrifice others for your happiness, but rather will advise as to who must be cut from your life that is distracting you from your divine purpose.

As are most humans, we tend to get confused over our purpose and direction, and Haniel is is an excellent guide to decide your career path and execute deadlines in a timely manner. A favorite of Virgos, and detail-oriented planners, Haniel can be the dream assistant and partner to bounce ideas off of in executing a major change or plan in your life. Haniel's favorite crystal is the moonstone, reflecting their love for the Moon and its natural cycles and rhythms. Those who find themselves living their lives around the Moon, or having particularly stronger reactions when the Moon transitions from one stage to another, should partner with Haniel to find ways to maximize the energy that is being sent out or released. Expect to be practicing self-love and renewal rituals around the Moon's cycles when you work with Haniel. Fond of the color blueish-white, if you start to find these colors present themselves in your life often, it's Haniel's way to reassure you that you're not alone.

P.S. Haniel loves songs that celebrate love, empowerment, and happiness. Don't be surprised if you find yourself suddenly craving to listen to Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You," it's a personal favorite. Pharrell's Happy is good, too.

Archangel Haniel tends to present themselves as a female angel or energy, but can also show as a male angel/energy. Stern but loving, Haniel's goal is to bring humanity closer to the Divine Creation, God as some call It, (Allah/Spirit/Goddess/etc). In doing so, humans should follow their soul's vibration and purpose, which is to live happy lives in kindness, compassion, and generosity. What you have, the Divine wants you to share and show to others. Thus, Haniel's (as are all of the archangels) tasks, can tend to have them present themselves as very stern and strict "parent/guardian" -like temperaments. Just know, this is all done with love, and sometimes telling them a joke will lighten the mood. You can work with Haniel, the same as all archangels, by simply by calling out to them and praying to them directly (as opposed to praying to anyone that may be listening).

As a thank you, always leave a glass of water (water you'd also consume) on your bed stand out for the archangels you are working with and refresh it every day. If creating an altar for Archangel Haniel, you can find a statuette of Haniel, a picture of Haniel, or a piece of scripture that discusses them. You can add Moonstone, Selenite, White Opal and White Quartz crystals to your altar. Pair it with white roses, lillies, carnations, or white floral sprays, as Haniel adores Nature. Write your wish to Haniel on a piece of paper, in any ink and color, fold it in half twice and in your direction. Place it directly in front of Haniel's image for seven days. On the first night, write down your wish in a journal and explain it. Write what you think is stopping you from being happy, organized, etc. Write why it's important. Spill everything out, including your fears about it. Then proceed to have a week without thinking about it, other than when you refresh Haniel's water, just say a nightly thank you. At the end of the 7th night, toss the water away from your home or down the toilet. Burn your wish and reflect on what your week has been. You'll find that there are many answers to your prayers in your reflection. Haniel will have created a sense of manifestation and practice for future manifestations in owning your own happiness and power.