Archangel Chamuel

by Saint Reverence

Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel's domain encompasses love, mercy, and compassion. They rule the heart chakra and interpersonal relationships (both romantic and platonic). Chamuel can serve as a guiding light through the darkest and most emotionally turbulent times.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, depressed, anxious, or angry, call upon Chamuel to assuage your inner turmoil and bring love into your life. They are a great listener and their cheerful, soft demeanor can take the edge off of any harsh negative feelings that you are experiencing. If you are angry with someone (or if someone is angry with you), Chamuel can help you talk to the other person and smooth things over peacefully.

Chamuel's energy can present as either masculine or feminine depending on the situation, and their aura can be either pink or green, though it is usually pink. Since they preside over the heart chakra, green crystals are generally the best to use when working with Chamuel (jade, polished malachite, aventurine, etc.). Rose quartz can also be used. To most effectively work with Chamuel, make sure that you are relaxed or in the process of relaxing. Drink a cup of hot tea (preferably caffeine- and sugar-free), take a long bath, and/or meditate to get into the proper mindset. Soothing incense is beneficial when working with Chamuel - lavender works wonders, or you can use an incense designed for heart chakra healing if your situation pertains to a relationship. Pink or light green candles can be lit as well.

Chamuel is fond of dreams and may visit you if you fall asleep during your relaxation while working with them - try to be aware of any pink or green objects that seem out of place or exaggerated. If you do see Chamuel, consult a dream interpretation guide to more closely discern the message that they are sending.