Archangel Azrael

by Saint Reverence

Archangel Azrael


Death is upon us from the moment of birth in multiple forms - physical, emotional, natural, mental, etc.

Archangel Azrael is known as The Counselor and Angel of Death. While a macabre task, Azrael oversees helping the grieving and the dying transition into a new phase of existence. Azrael is tasked with separating the soul from the body, when physical life ends. While not Death itself, Azrael is an overseer and commander of Death (Holy Death - Santa Muerte). The Universe created Death and Azrael is tasked to oversee it. Holy Death, also known as Santa Muerte, as an entity, is commonly seen as a cloaked skeleton holding a scythe.

Whenever you want to speak to someone in Heaven, Azrael can help deliver the message, and will wrap you in comfort and embrace to heal the grief of loss. As the Angel of death, Azrael can help clarify when a new situation/pattern/relationship/development will come forth and will help you transit from old to new. Surprisingly, Azrael is an excellent chef (something many don’t know - I work with Azrael every day in the kitchen myself) and can help you create new recipes and meals for all to enjoy.

If you'd like to set up an altar for Azrael, be sure to include marigolds, or orange tones (flowers, fabrics, crystals, objects, foods, beverages). Azrael likes dolls representing babies and skeletons, the two contrasting points of the human cycle. Azrael also likes to read, particularly poetry, numerology, ecological, (spiritual books are their favorite). Azrael implores that you not fear them, as they know that the unknown is something that triggers humans on a daily basis. Their sudden appearance in your life may not be physical-death related, it may just be that there's something special within us that attracts them to us.