Archangel Ariel

by Saint Reverence

Archangel Ariel

By The School of Cuzco Painting


Archangel Ariel is the archangel of nature, divine magic, manifestation, and elementals. Ariel is a powerhouse and the master of manifestation. Ariel does not feel fear in any form, and thus has tremendous courage and manifestation magic. Ariel can bestow their wisdom and tricks, should you ask them to, to develop your inner courage and magic. As always, you will not blink and suddenly be a different person, but rather you will learn these through subliminal messages.

Archangel Ariel teaches us resilience through tests, although we may perceive them as trials and tribulations. Their main goal is to get our entire being - mind, body, and spirit - to see things through higher vibrations. Whereas humanity tends to be narrow-minded, Ariel will press us to open our vision up to all the possibilities. Turn to Ariel in times that you feel that you cannot succeed, love, live another day.

Ariel works with Jophiel to increase our desire and love for nature. Where Jophiel gets us out in nature, Ariel gets us to love it and interact with it in an effort to return love back to it through conservationism. Ariel heals animals and elementals - and thus will be an excellent guide for those of you that would like to work with them (gnomes, fairies, sprites, etc).

Courage and confidence are wrapped in a pale pink package with Ariel, a sign that shows that these seemingly "masculine" things are actually femininely charged. Whenever you need sudden burst of energy or inspiration, call upon Ariel for a boost. When it comes to manifesting, Ariel will start showing you mini-miracles to show you a fraction of what you're capable of creating and gaining, but will also encourage and teach you how to harness your inner strength to manifest your biggest goals and dreams.

An altar is not required to work with them (nor with any other archangel, but some do prefer them if you will be working with them long-term).