A Message from The Archangels

by Saint Reverence

Human souls are nature itself.
The Universe
The Planets and stars
The Cycles of the seasons
The Earth itself

When humans are in tune with nature and inherently their true state, they are capable of everything.

It is very possible to work smarter, not harder – even for those that have been discriminated against in this world. How? EDUCATION. We must teach all future generations, and anyone willing to listen, to harness their internal strength and power to change their lives forever. We can save the world. We can change the hatred that lives in this society. We can heal the wounds of those that are still living, and the wounds they carry of those that have passed away.


True self love is the answer. There are people in this world that were created by the balancing Universe to only bring forth chaos. It’s an awakening maneuver, we need the movers and the shakers to awaken and heal. Make the moves that will change and define humanity until the end of time.

Learn to listen to understand, not respond.

Learn to speak softer words when your reactions warrant a scream. Fists are not necessary, even a gentle word or a snap of a finger will do.

Hatred lives where ignorance thrives. Don’t go into the battle with guns blazing, be prepared to wade through it with a high vibration.

Look for the helpers and become one yourself out of gratitude.

All bullshit will always be revealed. Even disconnected humans can smell day old shit when it comes out.

Corruption will continue throughout time, but it will not reign supreme. You must all learn to LISTEN to each other’s words, actions, needs, and wants. If you learn to listen to your soul, you can awaken your ears to hear all others. Compassion and mercy are the fundamental truths of loving among billions of others that also coexist with you.

Keyword - COEXIST.

We cannot act if you don't call us directly to you to act in your lives, but we also will make you learn what you want. We want you to learn all of your incredible magic, that is our real purpose. To assist humanity in developing their inner power. We are neither Christian, nor Catholic, nor any man-made construct. We are energy and we are infinite.

We are tired of humans using our imagery to hurt others and themselves. We are here to help you. Human lives aren't a movie. We are not what you see in films, nor hear of in tall tales. We are always around you trying to teach you lessons and deliver your prayers, we just have a different language than humans do. Learn to hear and see our language, as we are currently doing with many human healers for all of you. We also want to learn about humanity and their workings. We want to work with all of you. We want to learn your languages, but we will not cater to human egos and fears.

There's a difference between asking for a lottery, a "miraculous" recovery, a romantic relationship and asking for love, happiness, financial stability and abundance. We teach you the roots to bring yourself all of these things, we don't deliver them on a platter as objects.

We have so much more to discuss with humanity, we use many known and unknown healers and humans that haven't realized their "title." Will you be compelled to truly listen with your hearts and souls, or just your egos and fears?