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  • The Intricacy of Practicing Magick

    by Saint Reverence The Intricacy of Practicing Magick
    We're clashing with the older generations that are still intertwined in religious order - not religion itself - and allow it to dictate their views of society. The need for our ancient practices - those that truly honored the Earth, the Spirits, Life and Death, is greater than ever. Many honest people are turning to magic to save themselves from the toxic patterns of our society, and in return, breaking generational curses and trauma to revolutionize the future.
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  • How Magick Manifests: A Blurb

    by Saint Reverence How Magick Manifests: A Blurb
    When you reclaim your power, nothing can defeat you. Ego is the culmination of our life's experiences, a lens through which misinterpretation, pain and anguish attempt to direct our thought processes.
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  • Product Review: Haus of Hoodoo's Psychic Vision Candle

    by Saint Reverence Product Review: Haus of Hoodoo's Psychic Vision Candle
     I knew these ancestors, even if I had never seen them before in this lifetime. It was similar to a sense of protection and safety. My ancestors surrounded me with love. Every night that I meditated with it and spoke to the candle directly, I'd be able to hear and see ancestors. I suddenly had no anxiety, no self doubts, no ego telling me cruel things about myself; I knew LOVE and it knew me back. And that's all that it was.
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  • A Message from The Archangels

    by Saint Reverence A Message from The Archangels
    Human souls are nature itself.
    The Universe
    The Planets and stars
    The Cycles of the seasons
    The Earth itself

    When humans are in tune with nature and inherently their true state, they are capable of everything.

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  • Archangel Azrael

    by Saint Reverence Archangel Azrael
    Archangel Azrael is known as The Counselor and Angel of Death. While a macabre task, Azrael oversees helping the grieving and the dying transition into a new phase of existence. Azrael is tasked with separating the soul from the body, when physical life ends. While not Death itself, Azrael is an overseer and commander of Death (Holy Death - Santa Muerte). The Universe created Death and Azrael is tasked to oversee it.
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  • Archangel Jeremiel

    by Saint Reverence Archangel Jeremiel
    Archangel Jeremiel is the Archangel of Mercy. Tasked with the heavy responsibility to review the lives of those recently deceased, Jeremiel's talent for mercy knows no limitations. Whenever you work with Jeremiel, you'll find yourself encountering purples more often, wanting to sit and review your life quietly and reflect more often. Jeremiel guides anyone who asks of them to, to life a more compassionate and merciful life.
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  • Archangel Haniel

    by Saint Reverence Archangel Haniel
    Archangel Haniel tends to present themselves as a female angel or energy, but can also show as a male angel/energy. Stern but loving, Haniel's goal is to bring humanity closer to the Divine Creation, God as some call It, (Allah/Spirit/Goddess/etc). In doing so, humans should follow their soul's vibration and purpose, which is to live happy lives in kindness, compassion, and generosity. What you have, the Divine wants you to share and show to others.
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  • Archangel Lucifer

    by Saint Reverence Archangel Lucifer
    Lucifer is still an entity/archangel/child of Creation, who slipped out from Raguel's command (The Commander of The Archangels) and set into motion the ACTION of darkness, which is all that is considered evil. In other words, Lucifer is the catalyst of darkness expressing itself in the form of fear and evil. Due to the severity of Lucifer's actions, Creation had Lucifer cast into Hell by Archangel Michael (the tasked protector of Light) to house all those souls too far gone to evil.
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  • The Archangels

    by Saint Reverence The Archangels
    Archangels are capable of listening and discussing your next step and decision with you. They will honor what your soul wants, not your ego. They are going to become more powerful and present into your life, so long as you let them. They do not intervene unless critically necessary, so if you want them in your life, call them. There are several Archangels that serve one common purpose – to guide all of Creation in love. Naturally, each has their own expertise that they were created and tasked with.
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  • Archangel Raziel

    by Saint Reverence Archangel Raziel
    Archangel Raziel is the guardian of inquiry, clarity, and magick. Raziel adores to work with spiritual workers, alchemists, magicians, and light-bearers, and asks that we remember to call upon them for assistance with our work. Raziel is usually the inner consciousness that helps deliver recipes from ancestors and other spirit guides when we whip something up without a recipe in hand.
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  • The Duality of Energy: Masculine "vs" Feminine

    by Saint Reverence The Duality of Energy: Masculine "vs" Feminine
    In nature, there is a duality in everything. Just like there is light, there is dark. As within, so without. Inside or out, etc. It's the same nature that creates a duality in energies: masculine and feminine. This duality in energy is not the same as our overgeneralized definitions of masculinity or femininity, however, but it can be argued that our understanding of the energies is why we create stereotypical expectations of each gender. (This isn't to be confused with sex, which is biologically based, in comparison to gender, which is culturally defined.)
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  • Archangel Chamuel

    by Saint Reverence Archangel Chamuel
    Archangel Chamuel's domain encompasses love, mercy, and compassion. They rule the heart chakra and interpersonal relationships (both romantic and platonic). Chamuel can serve as a guiding light through the darkest and most emotionally turbulent times.
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  • The Major Arcana

    by Saint Reverence The Major Arcana

    I like to think of The Major Arcana as the 22 stages of the human psyche. Death, rebirth, failure, success, happiness, challenges, and more are constantly had and we don't every truly reach the end point of our lives until our physical body dies. Should you choose to follow the Majors in your healing path or that of others, know that it's not linear and that one day you'll reach the top of the mountain and the next you'll be at the bottom again. They tend to be difficult to decipher for many people but they are honest, and pairing them with Minor Arcana can help you understand the full story your Spirits are trying to tell you. Here's my short interpretation of each, developed with the Rider-Waite traditional deck.

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  • Archangel Michael

    by Saint Reverence Archangel Michael
    Archangel Michael, the protector, is the 2nd most popular archangel of all time. Michael is the archangel that was tasked with sending Lucifer to Hell, and led the front in the battle against Heaven and Hell.
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  • The Minor Arcana: Pentacles Upright

    by Saint Reverence The Minor Arcana: Pentacles Upright
    The Pentacles cards deal heavily with physical matter, materialism, and possessions. Representative of money, career, home, greed and generosity, they shine insight on issues pertaining to our relationship and perception, and status towards these. A reading that pulls several pentacles means our focus is primarily on materialism and wealth.
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  • Archangel Raguel

    by Saint Reverence Archangel Raguel
    Archangel Raguel is The Archangel of Justice and Relationships. They oversee The Archangels and angels, maintaining order and resolving conflict. While stern, because they are assigned to separate the sinners from the kind, their goal is to help every human find their inner peace and happiness.
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  • The Minor Arcana: Cups Upright

    by Saint Reverence The Minor Arcana: Cups Upright
    Cups represent emotions and the quality of our relationships with ourselves and with others. Key note about relationships, there are many types of relationships. When these cards appear in your pulls, they don't necessarily refer to a romantic relationship. Observe what the relationships and connections in your life are that they can be referring to, by comparing to what you are asking about, and the other cards that appear along with them. These cards indicate changes or energy affecting our current relationships/connections/"situationships," meaning that changes can upgrade what you currently have, if Spirit feels its meant worth saving, or removing it completely for a new one to take its place.
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  • Archangel Jophiel

    by Saint Reverence Archangel Jophiel
    Archangel Jophiel is the Archangel of Patience and Beauty. They're normally portrayed as a female, due to their feminine energy of receiving. (Again, we'll discuss female and male energy later on). In times of duress, you can call upon Jophiel to request assistance in developing patience. However, you must be open to understanding how the lessons are being delivered onto you. (You won't blink and suddenly be patient).
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  • Archangel Ariel

    by Saint Reverence Archangel Ariel
    Archangel Ariel is the archangel of nature, divine magic, manifestation, and elementals. Ariel is a powerhouse and the master of manifestation. Ariel does not feel fear in any form, and thus has tremendous courage and manifestation magic.
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  • Archangel Metatron

    by Saint Reverence Archangel Metatron
    Metatron, sometimes called the Scribe of God, is the archangel of work, schedules / organization, and the written word (which extends to music, movies, video games, and other forms of media as well). They can also align - or "organize" - your chakras if they are out of balance.
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  • Archangel Sandalphon

    by Saint Reverence Archangel Sandalphon
    Archangel Sandalphon has a knack for calmness, and can truly help those of us who suffer from anxiety and PTSD. While the genre of music doesn't matter, Sandalphon does suggest that we listen to soothing music more often, or finding white noise, a singing bowl, chimes, or listening to the ocean waves or a thunderstorm.
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  • The Minor Arcana: Wands Upright

    by Saint Reverence The Minor Arcana: Wands Upright
    The Wands cards deal heavily with situations that exist primarily in our minds. Representative of inspiration and creativity, they relate to what sets our souls on fire. The rush of strength, the jitters, the exhilaration of being aligned with your true purpose. Wands can help us identify what our soul's purpose is, by highlighting topics that we truly love and feel strongly about. Our ambitions, dreams, and goals can be described in a reading, should you ask what your purpose is, career moves, etc. They can also signal a life change through a shift/transformation in energy - births, deaths, career change, etc.
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  • Archangel Uriel

    by Saint Reverence Archangel Uriel

    Archangel Uriel is sometimes referred to as the Light of God. Their domain is wisdom, intelligence, inspiration, and truth. Uriel is a problem-solver who can grant you a fresh perspective on a situation that may have seemed impossible.

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  • The Minor Arcana: Swords Upright

    by Saint Reverence The Minor Arcana: Swords Upright
    The Swords court deals with the mind and action. The keys to manifestation energy lie within the swords cards. They'll reveal where we are stressed or lack courage and confidence. A reading that reveals multiple swords deals heavily with what weighs us down in our minds, the nearsightedness we need to see past. Use them as tools to see how you can harness your manifestation magic and mental health and power. Always remember, magic, divination, astrology, and spiritual messages are all nudges to help you decide, enough is enough.
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  • Archangel Raphael

    by Saint Reverence Archangel Raphael
    Archangel Raphael is the physician of the heavens. They rule over health, bodies, and medical professionals. The wellness of each realm of life (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) is directly connected to each other realm. If you are not well in one realm, the others will begin to deteriorate as well. Raphael is able to mend wounds in any and all of the realms.
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  • Working with Tarot

    by Saint Reverence Working with Tarot
    Before you start working with tarot cards, let's get some misconceptions out of the way first. We tackled cards that have been shown to have falsified meanings in the media in our first lesson, but we haven't talked about rumors and beliefs that are overused on social media. I want to explain how I, someone who was raised in the Catholic Church, prepares myself for a reading, (I also struggle from general anxiety disorder, so I take extra precaution when I do readings).
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  • The Tarot Deck

    by Saint Reverence The Tarot Deck

    Working with tarot isn't something terribly difficult, but it does require some sensitivity and caution. As someone who uses the tarot extensively throughout my craft, I've developed some habits that I use to honor the cards and the messages and want to share them for anyone that is a budding tarot reader. My next lesson will discuss how to work with tarot cards.

    After all, safe work is the best work.

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